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Paul Stein

Paul Stein

Polo Ralph Lauren - Marbella

Forastero – Frenesí

Range Rover - GQ

Santa Lucia Seguros - Asegura tu muro

Polo Ralph Lauren - Barcelona

Rage Rover - Velar Car

Love of Lesbian - I.M.T.

As Harmful As a Hive - Julien Elsie

Paul Stein

Paul was born on an island in the 70´s to a English-German family. As a child he never owned a Super 8 camera and never liked to watch vhs tapes from his local video club; he never filmed short movies with his friends.


What he liked was to play with empty boxes, sinking toy cars in the pool, swapping doll heads and sketching awkward machines.


One day he realised that movies are made by people and got obsessed with the film making process.  Since then he has directed documentaries, music videos and commercials.  His eclectic cultural background translates into his work with a balanced eye between the beauty of the ordinary and the unusual.


Paul loves drinking tea as much as shooting on old film stock. He drives slowly and is proud of his trademark sideburns

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