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Luis L. Navarro

Luis L. Navarro

Google - La Pajarita

Iberia - Papá Noel

Siemens - Hermanos

Coca Cola - Barrio

Royal Bliss - Entrevistas

Google - Hotel Lar Das Pias

Historias textiles de Chiloé

Google - Cafetin Lastres

Reale Seguros - Nave Alegria

Google - Ortopedia

Luis L. Navarro

Luis started making movies as a kid; western and sci-fi films made with a super 8 camera. He studied Advertising and Fine Arts followed by a Film degree in the National Film School in Cuba.


He is a natural story teller and the core of the narrative in his films is always driven by human stories. His fascination for the latest technology plays a constant role when developing a film; Luis is always searching for innovative ways to tell stories framed by radical ideas, magical reality and human emotion.


His confident approach to directing both actors and real people –always hand in hand with a tastefully crafted cinematography– strengthen his ability to make either documentary or advertising films with the right approach, for any type of platform.


Luis wrote a script about the consequences of the economic crisis well before it happened. He couldn’t get it funded. The film was never made. But everyone is familiar with the plot and the ending. He needs to write a different script.

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