Sabrina Doyle

Sabrina is a film director and screenwriter based in Los Angeles and London. She's a BAFTA 'Brit to Watch’ and a graduate of the Directing Program at the American Film Institute Conservatory. 

After earning a Master's degree from Cambridge University, she worked at the BBC for six years while writing and directing a number of award-winning films. Her work has screened at dozens of highly-regarded film festivals across the world, as well as being broadcast on TV.


Her character-driven commercial and narrative work appeals to both the audience’s heart and mind. Her style meaningfully captures the ordinary with a twist, and is always elevated by a commitment to authenticity and beautiful cinematography. 

Sir Alan Parker called Sabrina's work "outstanding, refreshingly intelligent, serious and lyrical. Much needed in tomorrow's cinema."


Sabrina was also an Associate Producer on the Emmy Award-winning documentary The Crash Reel and Co-Producer on The Lion's Mouth Opens (Sundance Premiere 2014). She produced David Hockney In the Now for LACMA as well as the New York Times op-doc Daredevil on a Snowmobile.

Lorelai – her directorial feature film debut – is currently in pre-production.


Inspired by La Jetée, she once made a film about the destruction of London by a dark cloud covering the sun. The film was outstanding according to urban legend, but hardly anyone has seen it – if you ask her about it, she'll buy you a tequila.