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Marco Aslan

Marco Aslan

Touchable Memories - Pirate3D

Google - El primer paso de Borja

MTee - China

ESPN - Champions League - Eye Test

Google - El primer paso de Ana

Mãos do Café

Kinoshita - Japan

Like a Daydream


Bom Jardin

Fingermann - Se Noite Fosse Água

Marco Aslan

Marco was born in Mexico to Italian and French parents. Raised in Uruguay and Brazil, he was keen on making short films since he was a kid.  His multi-cultural background has had a direct impact on the beautiful images and intimate subjects he favours in his work.


Marco´s documentaries, commercials and branded content films have been filmed all over the world –from Europe to Asia to America– and have the special quality of effortlessly observe the poetic details of the ordinary; his ability to create intimate and empathic connections in between his characters and the audience is second to none.


His hands-on approach with the camera and his skills as an editor give Marco valuable tools when it comes to working with a fly on the wall documentary approach.  


Marco is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese; he is a keen reader and a true artist at heart.  

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