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Dean Loxton

Dean Loxton


Metro 7 bis




Brooklyn Blues

Dean Loxton

Dean is a film director, writer and producer based in New York.  He is the founder of ‘An Instant Film’ –a project to make improvised films ‘devised on the day’.


Dean has a unique ability to get strong performances out of his cast when working under organic and unpredictable conditions.  He has directed several films in France, the UK and the US including Under with Keeley Forsyth in the lead role, Dániel with Hilda Peter and White ­–which takes part in the streets of LA.

Paul Greengrass said about White –"It features great improvisation and really transported the viewer into the LA street world. Great authenticity and bite, and in a good way left me wanting more.”


Dean has also directed and produced documentaries in India and Europe with a social and environmental focus, including a series of interviews for the European Commission in the subject of radicalisation.  He is currently developing the feature film ‘The Ride’

In between projects, Dean roams the streets of New York taking pictures of skyscrapers and puppies. Most locals have learnt to step around him. All have unfollowed him on Instagram. 

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