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Carlos Perez

Carlos Perez

Los Tigres del Norte

Netflix - Las Crónicas del Taco

Netflix - Las tres muertes de Marisela Escobedo

Delta Air Lines + Someone Somewhere

Google - Siempre cerca

GNP - Amistad de Acero

Discovery - Mexico85

UNRWAUNICEF - Today We PlayThe Palestiniadi

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Carlos Pérez Osorio is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker for News and Documentary in the category of Investigative Journalism.  He has many professional skills such as Photography, Travel Photography, and Advertising. He graduated in Dramaturgy and Documentary Writing from the International Film School and Television of Cuba.

He has directed documentaries in different countries of Latin America and the Middle East on issues of human rights and social conflict for Discovery Channel, Netflix, Amazon Prime, The Intercept, and United Nations agencies such as UNRWA, UNICEF, and UN Women.

Carlos is a storyteller; in his documentaries he has addressed complex and challenging narratives such as human trafficking and child abuse, sometimes filming under cover.

His documentary  "The Three Deaths of Marisela Escobedo" for Netflix was awarded an Ariel for Best Documentary, and his latest film is "Los Tigres del Norte The North Tigers" for Prime Video.

Carlos has also worked in advertising campaigns, producing global branded content films for Google, Delta Air Lines and GNP.

Carlos Pérez Osorio
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